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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What is Life All About?

Jaco, in his role as Emcee for the ACS Relay for Life, 2009

"Life is about joy. If you're not having fun, what is the point? Joy is a state of mind and body. We cannot be happy in mind if our bodies are not happy...
It's important to decide what is fun and meaningful for each of us, personally. Life is short, so make everything as joyful as possible."

-excerpt from Conversations with Dog by Kate Solisti-Mattelon


  1. Ah! There's my absolute FAVORITE canine!

    Life IS about joy. It's our Divine Birthright. Humans tend to get caught up in chasing material wealth and neglecting Play, which facilitates Joy. Most of us believe that we can't experience joy and/or play without money, but really, how many more televisions, stereos, video games and all those other things we consider "toys" do we really need? How much Joy do they give us?

    Many of us have lost the ability to relish the sublime experience of lying in the summer grasses gazing at the stars and studying their dance across the night skies, or listening to the softness of snow as it falls in the woods creating a palette of dark and light in the restful stillness of winter.

    Busyness distracts us from meeting ourselves within the quiet stillness where we can once again know Joy.

  2. If this is the same Jennifer from W-S I wouldn't have thought you'd live any other way.

  3. Aw! Now I want to meet Jaco in person.

    Yes, animals tell us much about joy, and they certainly live that.