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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kill The Clown!

Hi All,

No, I'm not wielding a kitchen knife, but I am in pursuit of Ronald McDonald's head.  My weapon is more effective and doesn't involve bloodshed!

Out of Our Minds Animation Studio in Winston Salem NC has joined the effort to help children get healthy, and we have big, doable visions. The nutshell version of the project is this: internationally-respected OOOM Studio will develop animation (what kid doesn't like cartoons?) and I will write kid-friendly nutritional content to match.

Please, please watch this informative, poignant video (less than 5 minutes), then pass it to everyone you know. 10,000 hits on this site in a week will help us procure some much-needed funding.

To watch the video, please go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SZjtmjnnpU

Thank you for your help. Enjoy the last few days for 2010, and let's make renewed health for America's children a goal for 2011!

Until then, go well. Love and Peace to all, Lynn Byrd, TheByrdfeeder

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  1. Love the blog Lynn! Keep it up! ALso...Hi Lynn!

    Happy, Happy Holidays! Are there any solstice celebrations in the Piedmont area that you know of? My wife, Lisa Dyer, is just curious to see if there is a 'fire' ceremony or some other interesting celebration we might join tomorrow night.

    Any ideas??

    Your old(er) hippie pal - that's really turned hippie after 25 years in Northern California,
    Jeff Yoder
    cell: 650-888-0483