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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pyramid of Doom v. Pyramid of Bloom: The Extended Play Version

The quality of your human experience mostly depends upon the choices you make. Suffer the dark Pyramid of Doom, or scale the glorious Pyramid of Bloom. It’s your trip, and you design it.

Doom prefers a sedentary lifestyle, one that turns a brain to mush…makes an enemy of the body…withers curiosity… erases creativity…and lowers vibration, setting the stage for chronic diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer.

You relinquish all power to Big Ag Biz when you purchase these Doom-creating toxins. You’re looking at the food equivalent of Fox News, but without the entertainment value.

The Industrial Food Complex tricks kids with pretty boxes and poisons them for money. Tell your children the Greedy Monster who makes this stuff doesn’t love them. It all comes down to love, and children understand love.
Looking for a fundraiser? Your school earns a dollar for each box of Little Debbie caca bars sold. But listen: dirty snack marketing aimed at school fund-raising is morally wrong. There are smarter, healthier ways to fund a playground.

Climb Doom and chronic diseases ravage your body, regardless of age. And if you’re an adult male, they kick your old pal Woody Johnson when he’s down. But all those things can be managed.

Big Pharma trotted out 81 new pharmaceuticals in 2010, and 8 more have already been approved by the FDA this year! You’re a volunteer guinea pig, and nobody even had to ask your permission.

You are financially supporting corporations that empty your bank account and make you sick. Your choices have led you up the darkest side of the Pyramid of Doom. May you be pain-free during your End of Days.

And if you happen to be dying in a local hospital, your deathwatch committee can kick back to a Pepsi, the drink that has been bringing fun and refreshment to consumers for over 100 years.

Here lies a SAD American whose epitaph reads: The End Wasn’t Pretty and I Didn’t Have Much Fun Getting Here. Her legacy includes a pantry filled with Frankenfood that will never, ever die!

The Pyramid of Bloom is built on a foundation of love, harmony, movement, curiosity and a child-like belief in red stars – a belief in the possibility of all things. Be here. Be here now!

Because right now, a new paradigm is being born. We’re shifting from mind-focused living to heart-focused living, and we must have clean, safe food and water to fuel our bodies for this shift.

You bloom when you live within your means and seams. The last food Elvis ate was four scoops of ice cream and six chocolate chip cookies; he might still be with us today had he skipped dessert. May we all be received in Graceland...

When you bloom, you save enough money to buy one of those hip Elvis jumpsuits, or pursue hobbies, or to visit new places. And if you’re adept at soul travel, the trip is free! Everyday has high value when you bloom.

Retirement means doing what you want to do, not what you have to do. You are free to fully express yourself, to celebrate your own mysterious nature. Life is a garden...dig it!

Become a healthy Senior Planetary Citizen. Hang with your peeps, brew up some revolution. May your unique experience and wisdom help educate the collective whole.

And at your End of Days, your well-tended soul vibrates in rhythm with the Highest Natural Order. You are pure Love when you reach the stars, and well, everybody is a star. Everybody wants to shine.

But wait! There’s cake! Good health isn’t about deprivation. Just use clean, safe ingredients, balance your treats with nutrient-dense food, and remember to share with your friends.

Here’s what super-high frequency, nutrient-dense food looks like. You bloom when you connect with your food, when you honor the soil from whence it comes.

Make good health your art and your life a masterpiece. Bloom in gratitude to the Divine Spirit who teaches us to let our love light shine. Go ahead, shine on. See you later, Generators!
All material created by PL Byrd for Ignite Agriculture, The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC, March 5 2011

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  1. Rock and roll Hoochie-Koo! Good on ya. And the dog and cat that roll with your trajectory. xx