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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trans Fat, Heart Attacks, and The Death of Real Food: A Short History Lesson

1901: people in the United States ate real food, including real eggs, butter, and lard. Heart attacks? Nobody had heart attacks; no such thing.

1905: Proctor and Gamble invented Crisco, a product made from cottonseed oil; cottonseed oil was originally used for candle manufacturing,  but a young upstart named Edison invented the light bulb. What on earth was P&G to do with its useless cottonseed oil? Put it in a can and sell it as a butter and lard replacement! The first artificial food was born.

1921: the first heart attack was recorded

400,000 heart attacks were recorded

2009: 700,000 deaths were recorded from heart attacks

Enough with the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" already! Believe it: the crap's not butter, and it's killin' us, people.  For a short essay on Crisco and other harmful, man-made fake foods, go to http://www.liberationdiet.com/downloads/THE_RISE_OF_FAKE_FOOD_Excerpt.pdf

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