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Sunday, April 25, 2010

But Cooking Is So Complicated! Part 1

Whine when you say that, and I swear, my eyes will slap you. But, if you're truly lost after boiling water, never fear: George Mateljan's "The World's Healthiest Foods" cookbook will guide you home. You will be enthralled by the beauty of this 880 page book, and inspired - inspired, I say! - by the 500 healthy recipes that take under 7 minutes to prepare.

But wait, there's more. You'll not only learn the best way to prepare these foods, but you'll learn the best way to select them, why you should eat them, and individual nutrient-richness charts for each food as well. Get ready to rock your kitchen! For more astonishment, click here.

Oh, and ps: that's a National Best Books 2007 Award gold sticker on the book cover. Yeah; it's all that.

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