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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Buzzkill on Hot Dogs

You need to know this. You can thank me later, right after you get over being mad. Keep in mind that I'm talking about cheap food here - not clean, humanely raised and humanely processed meat.
  • Kids who eat 12 hot dogs a month have nearly 10 times the risk of leukemia compared with kids who don't eat hot dogs
  • Eat hot dogs once a week, double the chances of brain tumors
  • Eat hot dogs twice a week, triple the risk
  • Pregnant women who eat 2 servings per day of any cured meat more than double their risk of bearing children with brain cancer
  • Kids who eat the most ham, bacon, and sausage have 3 times the risk of lymphoma
  • Kids who eat ground meat once a week have twice the risk of acute lymphocytic leukemia
  • Eating 2 or more burgers a week triples the risk
    The takeaway? NEVER serve your children processed, chemically-laden meat. Do not serve your children meat laced with antibiotics and steroids.
    Your kids are dependent on you to make good decisions on their behalf. Buy the best quality meat you can afford and eat less of it. If your kids still insist on eating hot dogs, tell them they're made of lips and anuses. It's true.

    You don't want people calling your kids anus eaters, do you?

    Murray, M. and J. Pizzorno. Ch. 44, Nutritional Medicine; Textbook of Natural Medicine,3rd edition. St. Louis, Mo: Elsevier, 2006.


    1. Lips and anuses!? euwwwwww! I haven't touched a hotdog in years, thank god.

    2. are you familiar with the phrase "causation vs correlation"??

    3. Anon, are you implying something? ;-)

    4. there are lots of organic hot dog/sausage products out there. so we needn't think we can't eat meat in that classic form. go find some! costco has tons of organic choices for less $$.

    5. That's true, Wendy. Just be sure to read the label carefully and make sure that organic pork product comes from the United States. Better yet, buy local from the farmer's market. I'll say it again: eat the best quality meat you can afford, and eat less of it. Amazing what you can afford when we decrease our animal protein and increase our vegetables!